Working at Bowen & Company, one never knows where each new day may lead. In any given week, you might don a hard hat at one of the new Museums we are helping to open, check out an up-and-coming chef at the Beard House, tour the Plaza Hotel and a working farm, and attend a black-tie gala. This week’s mission: to build our own fascinators.

If you don’t know what a fascinator is, it’s that darling little poof—not quite a hat—gracing the heads of celebrities and royal wedding guests. We got a tip that this stylish party and wedding accessory is actually easy to create with your own custom design. Now, our office has more than its fair share of craftiness in it. But, even the most craft-phobic—we had one who shall go nameless but shuddered at the sight of needle and thread—will be tipping their hats. So, check out how we did.

We began by consulting an expert. Enter Janet Sikirica, Fine Milliner and Fiber Artist, who showed us inspiration pieces—which we enthusiastically modeled around the office—and provided our marching orders.

The tools of the trade:
Hot glue gun
Hair clips or headbands (in our case we used both)
A base (we used a simple foam cut out found at Michael’s Crafts)
Fabric to cover your base (optional)
Needle and thread
Silk flowers, feathers, jewels, or other embellishments of your choosing

Step One: Create your base.
Choose a hair clip or a headband, and create your fascinator’s base. If you’re a fan of bright colors and patterns, try pre-made foam cut-outs in the shape of a flower. Or, for a more conservative look, we opted to wrap ours in neutral fabric, which can be hot-glued and sewed onto the hair clip or headband. The base can also be cut to the size of your choosing.

Step Two: Embellish.
Here is a chance to express your personality. Use a glue gun to affix your embellishments to the base. Corey and Megan opted for bold floral and feather combinations. Lauren created a delicate, smaller design of hydrangea and gems. Kristin went for ladylike feathers with a pearl trim. We couldn’t convince David that he could pull off this look.

Step Three: Make a Date
You’re ready for your debut. Now that you’ve had your practice run as a craft maven, consider organizing this activity for a bridal shower or other celebration. The finished product makes a terrific favor that guests can tailor to their personal style.