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We have lots of exciting news here at Bowen & Company this summer. We just wrapped up the James Beard Awards, the most successful to date, and we are already in planning mode for next year’s big 25th anniversary. We are also working on an exciting new JBF program focused on sustainability in the food industry…more details coming soon! This fall, the Museum for African Art hosts its first gala event in their new Harlem digs, and we are producing the grand reopening festivities for the National Academy Museum & School. We are also pleased to announce the launch of our new division exclusively devoted to planning weddings and private events.

After a busy and long New York winter, the summer season is a wonderful time to reflect and be inspired. Warm, sunny days. Al fresco dining with friends. Cocktails at the shore. The conditions are perfect to relax and let the next big idea take root. The Bowen & Company staff took a bit of time out to share what was inspiring us this summer. We hope you enjoy it.


“Just got back from a day trip to beautiful Newport, RI and took full advantage of all the city has to offer: dramatic scenery, delicious food, and a look inside the Vanderbilt’s former summer “cottage” The Breakers. The mansion’s platinum-plated walls and grand marble staircases definitely inspire awe, but I was struck most by the incredible attention to detail in every chair, rug, and even the doorknobs. Each time I turned a corner, the house had a new story to tell. It goes to show that regardless of the size of your task, your home, or your event, the smallest details can make a big impact.”


“Went to brunch at Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster in Harlem this weekend with an old friend, and was treated to a live gospel concert. The energy in the room was positively infectious. If church had been like this when I was kid, I would have spent more time there. No matter your beliefs, the spirit will move you at Red Rooster’s gospel brunch, and before I knew it, I was swaying and clapping with the rest of the crowd. Unsuspecting waiters and diners alike were whisked up to sing their “Amen’s” at the mic—admittedly some more successful than others—as a spontaneous sense of camaraderie spread through the room. I love that every gathering in New York is a special event waiting to happen.”


“One of my new favorite places is Blooming Hill Farm in Blooming Grove, NY. It’s located about 90 minutes outside NYC, so it makes for a great day-trip on summer weekends. Arrive early and begin your day with the delicious farm-fresh breakfast, followed by shopping for local, organic produce at their Farmer’s Markets. Or, on the last Saturday of every month, Blooming Hill hosts a true farm-to-table dinner featuring a top NYC chef whose menu is comprised exclusively of seasonal ingredients grown on the Farm. Amanda Freitag, of The Harrison and Food Network, joins the table on June 26…yet another reason to check it out.”


“I’m beginning a new chapter this summer as my fiancé and I move into our first house together. In between packing boxes and sifting through paperwork, we finally took a look around at our very blank canvas to imagine the environment we will soon call home. In looking for design inspiration, I wanted to find something that would reflect each of our personalities. So, I’m seeking out pieces inspired by our shared Italian heritage. I have my eye on a beautiful rustic wooden dining table, and I’m looking to images of Tuscan landscapes and hillside villages for my color palette. Our new house already feels more like home.”


“I started my career in benefit fundraising and had the opportunity to work with some incredibly dedicated people from staffers to CEO’s. I am honored to continue this tradition and use Bowen & Company’s resources to help our nonprofit clients to grow and increase productivity. I am also proud to serve on the Board of Directors of the AFYA Foundation. AFYA (which means “good health” in Swahili) is a medical recovery organization that procures and sends supplies necessary to support medical and surgical initiatives in Africa. Visit www.afyafoundation.org and be inspired.”

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