BizBash January 2010

57 Predictions for 2010: Event Pros on Budgets, Social Media, Catering, Decor Trends, and More

January 4, 2010

In preparation for the new year, we asked event professionals to do some thinking about what the coming months hold for the event industry, and to send their predictions in Twitter-friendly 140-character bites. Many agreed on certain points: Budgets will come back, but slowly; social media will continue to influence how events are planned and marketed. Here’s a selection of their comments:

On Social Media
“Brands should integrate user-generated content into events. Include Twitter posts and Web video. Guests like feeling they’re part of experience.”
Lauren Burack, vice president of marketing, IFC, New York

“There are new types of V.I.P.s in 2010. With the growth of new media, celebrity attendance will be just as coveted as the attendance of an entrepreneur with 100,000 Twitter followers.”
Ben Hindman, national events manager, Thrillist, New York

“Social-media friendly events, including on-site tweeting and advance notice on event #hashtag policy.”
Tatiana Read, director, Knot PR, Toronto

“In 2010 the referral method will be stronger than ever in garnering new business, as social networks are now second nature to so many people.”
Marcy Manley, C.E.O./executive producer, WPI Event Partners, Chicago

“Twitter will be a new resource used at fund-raisers with silent auctions. Live video broadcasts will increase a bidder’s awareness and dollars bid.”
Julie Addario, event designer, Unforeseen Events, Toronto

“Wishful thinking on security trends: Guests now arrive armed with cameras and video and tweets…oh my! Please check your handheld at the door.”
David Bowen, owner, Bowen and Company, New York

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