A Peppermint Party

There is no place quite like New York City in December, as one’s social calendar begins to look like the city sidewalks: crowded. One certainly needs their sense of humor at this time of the year perhaps more than any other, and it was in this spirit that a New York hostess and Le Cirque regular set out to gather 100 of her closest friends for a whimsical, holiday-themed luncheon.

Bowen & Company took inspiration from the simple holiday pleasures of childhood. Peppermint candies overflowed from glass vases topped with an icing of white and red carnations, and shimmering crimson bulbs were the cherries on top of the confectionary delights. The candy-cane colored design played out on two seemingly endless tables that stretched the entire length of the private dining room at Le Cirque, and the inherently fantastical design of the venue encouraged the lighthearted mood. After all, what child doesn’t love to go to the circus, particularly when you will dine amidst Sirio Maccioni’s legendary hospitality under the big top? All good things must come to an end, and this sweet escape was no exception. Guests received brightly colored packages on their way out containing a “personal holiday survival kit” of aromatherapy candles and lotions, bath salts, and a secret stash of deluxe chocolates. If guests arrived feeling frazzled from the holiday bustle, they left feeling minty fresh.